Shell & AMG Recycling offers world-class proprietary technology to help refiners address the global challenge of managing high volumes of spent residue upgrading catalysts, driven by the implementation of IMO 2020 and increased bottom of the barrel conversion for fuels & petrochemical feedstock production.

Shell & AMG Recycling proprietary technologies convert spent catalyst and other vanadium containing residues into ferrovanadium, high purity vanadium pentoxide, and nickel and molybdenum products. This provides refiners a sustainable, circular solution, by replacing hazardous waste disposal with recycling/reuse, significantly reducing pollution and CO2 emissions, and turning waste into value. Refiners are ensured to avoid landfill cost and long-term liabilities as recycling reduces hazardous waste up to 99% and leaves only a small amount of inert material. Our processes have extremely low overall emissions in the industry (solid waste, air, and water), and have over 99% conversion into saleable product.

Shell & AMG Recycling is currently conducting feasibility engineering work for one or more facilities in both the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Our vision is to build and operate the most comprehensive and flexible facilities in the world that can process a variety of feedstocks and produce both vanadium alloys and high-purity oxides to enable serving the growing high strength steel industry and the expanding specialty vanadium chemical market for electrolytes in vanadium redox flow batteries.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies supports Shell and non-Shell refining and petrochemical businesses by working with them to co-create integrated, customised catalyst and licensing solutions. We have five catalyst manufacturing plants in Belgium, China and the USA, three research centres in India, the Netherlands and the USA, Sales and technical service offices in Canada, China, Dubai, India, the Netherlands, Russia, and Singapore.

AMG recycles spent catalyst and produces highly engineered specialty metals and mineral products and provides related vacuum furnace systems and services to the transportation, infrastructure, energy, and specialty metal and chemical sectors with production facilities and sales offices in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, as well as sales and customer service offices in Russia and Japan.

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Our experts can help convert your refinery waste streams into sustainable solutions for the management of spent catalysts.

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Our innovative technologies and expertise enable refiners to create additional value from spent catalysts and deliver a more sustainable world.