Invitation To Express Interest In Pre-Qualification Exercise

KSA Supercenter Phase -1 (VC TO VO) Project

1. Introduction

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is emerging as a hub for the supply and demand of vanadium, a key material in certain grid-stabilization energy battery technologies and improving the quality of infrastructure steel. In this context, Shell & AMG Recycling B.V. as the lead partner of the joint venture Advanced Circular Materials Company (“SARBV”), is developing a “Supercenter” at the Jubail Industrial Complex in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to process vanadium concentrate (VC) and other feedstocks to produce value-added products. The Vanadium Recycling Supercenter is intended to be constructed in phases. The current project is Phase-1 which would turn oil refinery waste into a domestic resource for the production of high-purity vanadium oxide (VO) for use in multiple industries.

For the development of the Phase-1 project, an integrated project management team has been formed to lead the project development on behalf of SARBV and its partners. Besides Phase-1 VC to VO project, additional facilities in the Supercenter to produce other value-added products are also under consideration. For more information on JV constituents, please refer to respective websites:

Project is concluding the FEL3 (FEED) phase, starting preparations for detailed design, long lead procurement activities and proceeding with regulatory approvals with target commissioning in early 2027.

2. Pre-Qualification Exercise

In preparation for execution phase activities, SARBV plans to initiate a Pre-Qualification exercise for EPC/EPCM contractors which will be followed by an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to shortlisted candidates. Following the pre-qualification, issuance of ITT and subsequently execution of the contract, may be completed through SARBV or a different joint venture entity where new partner(s) join SARBV.

As a pivotal project for SARBV, and first of its kind enabling critical metals circularity in KSA, competent contractors are sought and invited who demonstrate :

  • Strong HSSE management systems and safety track record
  • Integrated Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Project Management Capabilities
  • Successful track record of ongoing/completed projects of similar type & size in KSA,
  • Experience in Metals & Mining, Petrochemical projects (global & middle east)
  • Robust financial position to deliver on the contract
Last date to receive Expression of Interest for Pre-Qualification July 21
SARBV to share further Project Info & Pre-qualification Requirements (subject to receipt of signed NDAs) July 31 (or earlier)
Last date for Prequalification Documentation Submission by invited participants  Aug 20
Notification of Pre-Qualification outcome  Mid September
Invitation to Tender Q3/Q4 2024

Following the submission of EOI and/or prequalification documentation, telecon/f2f meetings with individual participants may be organized prior to notification of pre-qualification outcome.

3. Project Overview

At nominal capacity, the plant will be processing 7,000 metric tons of vanadium concentrate per annum. Similar production facilities are currently operated by AMG in Nuremberg, Germany, and are considered the leader in the global vanadium industry. A brief overview of key process/production units and necessary greenfield infrastructure setup is as follows:

  • Smelting & Crushing
  • Leaching & Filtration Units
  • Precipitation and Calcination
  • Waste Liquor treatment
  • Feedstock and product storage facilities
  • Administrative buildings, including laboratory
  • Roads & Drainage Infrastructure
  • Utilities (including tie-ins to site battery limits) : Electrical, Natural Gas & Water

The Phase-1 project, and the overall Recycling Supercenter is proposed to be setup in the Plaschem industrial park in Jubail, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (refer Figure 1below). The site is located on an Arabian Gulf peninsula in the east coast region of Saudi Arabia. The closest sizable population center is Jubail, which lies approximately 100km to the south. The city of Dammam and the King Fahd International Airport is further south by another 86km.

4. Expression of Interest

Interested Contractors are requested to confirm their interest participation of pre-qualification exercise no later than June 30 2024 via email to:

The email shall also include:

  • Company profile
  • Specific and full Legal/Contracting name of the entity that will participate in this exercise
  • Location and addresses of the Office
  • Details of any part owners, if the entity is not 100% owned by the main parent company
  • Key contacts for this Entity who will be the focal point for this exercise

For any queries or clarifications, please reach out to